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Terms and Conditions | Biking Face

Terms and Conditions

Product Price

All prices shown in the web include VAT. The Value Added Tax, as a general rule a 21% will be applied for the European Union territory where this tax is implemented. In case of sale in any other country of the world, the TVA will not be applicable; however, customs will apply ant tax or charge corresponding to each country.

Due to their special tax regimen, Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla are considered non EU. Therefore, all sales by residents from these territories are exempt from paying the VAT (custom charges and import taxes are not included in the price of the product nor in the shipping, and they should be paid by the recipient of the merchandise).

The prices displayed on www.bikingface.com could be revised and modified if the conditions require it at some point.

Bikingface.com reserves the right to modify its prices.  The products will be billed to the client according to the corresponding rate at the time of the order confirmation, unless a typographic or photographic error is evident.


Payment Methods

The following modes or payment are made available to the client:

Credit card, PayPal and bank transfer.


PayPal enables secure and easy internet payments. The PayPal network offers a global payment solution in real time.

The card details provided by the client will be encrypted and securely transmitted to the bank server and will be verified with the bank or PAYPAL.

Credit card

We offer to client the possibility to make the payment with a banking card, either credit or debit. The sale with a card will be done through Bankia’s payment platform.

The card details provided by the client will be encrypted and securely transmitted to the bank server and will be verified with the bank.

Once we receive a notification from the bank regarding the payment, bikingface.com will proceed to the preparation and ultimate shipment of the order.

Bikingface.com does not recognize or register this data during the payment transaction.

Bank Transfer

In case of transfer, bikingface.com will send the client an email, stating the account number and total amount to be wired for the order.

The client will have to wire the total amount of the sale (along with shipping costs).

Once the transfer to bikingface.com‘s account has been completed, the client will have to send the confirmation of the wire by email to bikingface.com.

Upon reception of the email, we will proceed to further verification of the deposit in the account.  Once this has been done, we will proceed to the emitting the invoice and to the shipment of the order.

Litigation or payment rejection

In case of payment rejection by card, bikingface.com reserves the right to:

Suspend the order and its delivery, as well deny or cancel any order of a client with whom a litigation related to the payment of an old order might exist.


Limitation of responsibility

Cycling in all its modalities, mtb, road, descent, urban,… or any other activity requiring a bike, are intrinsically dangerous and could result in falls, grave injuries or even death.

It is the client’s responsibility to be technically equipped to use the materials and equipment that we distribute and bought on www.bikingface.com.

Enjoy the bike with maximum security.



Most of the order will be received in 24 to 48hrs, but might be reported to 4-5 work days if the request size of the product is not available in stock.


Terms of discounts and promotions

All discounts advertised on www.bikingface.com will be valid, except for any typographic error, up to the end date of these offers.  The discounts and promotions advertised by bikingface.com cannot be accumulated, they are for individual use.  The formatting of abono code, generated to compensate a commercial incident, will not be perceived as a “discount or special promotion” and therefore can be used in combination with another discount or promotion.

Discount codes

Users of www.bikingface.com who have discount codes for special promotions can use them in the time frame of their validity and under their conditions.

These discount codes or special promotions are not cumulative, not even for a discount in the shipping costs.  Bikingface.com reserves the right to cancel, modify or substitute the validity of the discount codes or special promotions without previous notice.




All the products offered in www.bikingface.com are guaranteed starting from the issue date of the invoice, against all material or fabrication defect, during the stipulated time on the guarantee note delivered with the product, answering the manufacturer and importer just as Law 22/94 stipulates, under which civil responsibility for caused damage for defective merchandise is regulated.

Bikingface.com commits to realizing all necessary paperwork for shipping, delivery and return at the client’s expense.

All products have a guarantee of duration of at least a year, with the exception of:

  • Consumer good and parts subject to wear (brake pads, brake shoes, bearings, cables, covers for plates, chains, etc.).
  • Possible damages specified in the product description
  • Errors that would occur during assembly or maintenance and their consequences (assembly or disassembly of the interior of a fork or a shock absorber, hydraulic brakes –disassembly, sangrado-, wheels –disassembly of the bearings or reducing the tensions of the radios-).
  • The errors and consequences due to the inadequate use of the product. If the following are use incorrectly:
    • Tires: inadequate air pressure, incorrect binding of the rim.
    • Suspension: incorrect installation, pressure of the inner tube above or below what is marked by the manufacturer, inadequate maintenance, pressure wash, etc.
    • Frame: inadequate use, pressure wash, maintenance of bearing and turn points, etc.
    • Wheels: inadequate use, insufficient maintenance, pressure wash.
    • Transmission: inadequate maintenance, lack of lubrication, cleaning, etc.
    • Brakes: brakes sangrado, contamination of the disks or of the brake pads, pressure wash
    • Clothes: not following the washing instructions, etc.

Claim of guarantee

Please send us an email to shop@bikingface.com describing in the most precise manner the problem you encountered with your product and how the error took place.  Please attach any additional information (photos, video…) as well as the invoice of the product.


  1. The client: send by email the claim of guarantee joining as much information as possible.
  2. Bikingface: we receive the claim and evaluate your case.  In the case that the claim of guarantee is valid, our guarantee service will send you a confirmation email with information about the documents you need to send.  All claims are at the client’s expense.
  3. The supplier: Bikingface will send the supplier of the product your claim of guarantee.  Our supplier holds the final decision over your guarantee application: substitution, repair, repair of the estimate, refund… In the event of repair of the product, you will be consulted in case you accept.  You should not contact the supplier directly to obtain information about the claim of guarantee process of your product.  The sole contact you should have during this procedure is with Bikingface.com
  4. Bikingface: we receive the decision regarding your claim from the supplier.
  5. The client: we will notify you of the decision of the supplier regarding your claim.

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