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Deliveries and Returns | Biking Face

Deliveries and Returns


All demands will be sent to the direction that is indicated during the purchase, you have the possibility of receiving it to the billing address or to a different address.

After the purchase Bikingface will send you an email of delivery information with data of the transaction.

The majority of the purchases will be received by the client between 24 and 48 hours, allowing, in occasions, the delay of 4 to 5 business days if we don’t dispose of your size in stock or of the product in question.

Bikingface.com is subject to the distribution of its purchases through national transport business, these being able to produce problems not attributable to bikingface.com.

Purchases out of Europe

If you would like to receive these products from outside of Europe, in which case your purchase will be transmitted in individual manner, send us an email (sales@bikingface.com) with your address and the list of products that you will like to purchase, specifying models and quantities, and we will get in contact with you to inform you about the cost of delivery and the process of the purchase.

Costs of Delivery

The costs of delivery vary in term of the type of the product and the address to which any product will be sent.

For National Purchases (and Andorra):


For International Purchases:




Guaranty of the Return of Products

The Company guaranties the Client the possibility to cancel his or her purchase at any moment and without any cost in the case that the cancellation is communicated before the purchase has been put to the disposition of the transporter for its delivery. Otherwise the Client will have to wait to receive the purchased item to process its return.

Return Policies

Any product offered on our web can be returned in a span of 7 days from the day of delivery to the Client, in accordance with the dispositions of “la Ley del Comercio Minorista Española.”

The Client is held accountable for the expenses for delivery for the return of any product.

The Client will have to return the order:

  • Without being used.
  • Maintaining all the original packaging.
  • In perfect state.
  • Adjoining a note with the motif of the return and a copy of the bill.
  • Indicating if he or she would like to be reimbursed for the item or obtain store credit from the store.

Any article that does not meet with these requirements will be sent back to the Client. Bikingface.com has the right to not assume the return of any order in such a case. If a different product purchased was delivered by error of the company, the right product will be delivered, taking back the first sent product, without any additional charges to the Client.

If a product were to be delivered broken, damaged or in bad conditions to the Client, the company will take care of bringing it back from the

address it was sent to, substituting it for another of the same product in good state, with no additional charges.

For any reclaims or consultation you can contact the company at shop@bikingface.com.

Process of return:

  1. You will send us the product that you would like to return through mail, notifying us if you would like to be reimbursed for the item of obtain store credit from the store.
  2. Once received the order, we will review that the product is in perfect conditions and if such is the case we automatically process for reimburse of the import or we send you store credit from out store.

Address for the Return of Items:

Biking Face

Avenida José Roca Suarez-Llanos, 41 Altillo Puerta 4

08329 Teià (Barcelona)



Products out of Stock

There exists the possibility that the acquired product for the Client can be out of stock temporarily or out of the catalogue.

What to do in these situations?

Our staff will inform you via email about the availability of the product and the estimated time of arrival of the product to our stock.

In the case that the product is not in stock temporarily you can:

  • Ask for the cancelation of the order. We will send you la cancelation of the order. We will send you a code for store credit with the value of the total price of the product/products purchased or, if you ask for it, we will return the import.
  • Wait for the necessary time. Our staff will send you the product/products as soon as they get delivered to our store.
  • Ask for help of our staff so that we can meet your needs with other possible products.

In the case that the product is not part of the catalogue:

We will cancel your order and we will automatically give you a code for store credit with the value of the total price of the product/products purchased or, if you ask for it, we will return the import.


We accept cancelations of any order only before the product has been given to the transporter. In the case that you don’t cancel it before, you will have to wait to receive the product and proceed with its return, always meeting the policies mentioned above. To cancel send an email to sales@bikingface.com, indicating your personal information and your contact, and the number of the order that has to be modified.

Email: info@bikingface.com


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